Frozen chicken

Poitrine entière congelée| Grauben

Bbq breast fillet

Filleted breast | Grauben

Filleted breast

Hind quarters | Grauben

Hind quarters

Boneless backside | Grauben

Boneless backside

Boneless thigh | Grauben

Boneless thigh

Chopped backside | Grauben

Chopped backside

Hams | Grauben


Wings | Grauben


Minced chicken | Grauben

Minced chicken

Seasoned frozen chicken

Pechuga de pollo I.Q.F. | Grauben

Bbq breast fillet

Pechuga de pollo fileteada sazonada | Grauben

Filleted breast

2x2 vacuum chicken breast | Grauben

2×2 vacuum chicken breast

Bbq breast fillet | Grauben

Bbq breast fillet

Garlic breast fillet| Grauben

Garlic breast fillet

Marinated breast fillet | Grauben

Marinated breast fillet

Seasoned frozen turkey

turkey breast | Grauben

1×1 empty turkey breast

Filleted turkey breast | Grauben

Filleted turkey breast

Turkey cutlet | Grauben

Turkey cutlet

Garlic turkey cutlet| Grauben

Garlic turkey cutlet

Turkey stew | Grauben

Turkey stew

Carnes rito Halal

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