Frozen Pork Meats

External cheek on bone | Grauben

External cheek on bone

Cheek w/bone | Grauben

Cheek w/bone

Chop center | Grauben

Chop center

Filleted loin | Grauben

Filleted loin

Knuckle cross cut | Grauben

Knuckle cross cut

Rib strip | Grauben

Rib strip

Rib tacos | Grauben

Rib tacos

Legs cut in 2 | Grauben

Legs cut in 2

Legs cut into 4 | Grauben

Legs cut into 4

Minced meat | Grauben


Mixed bite | Grauben

Mixed bite

Special cut | Grauben

Special cut

Iberian special cut | Grauben

Iberian special cut

Duroc Cheek w/bone | Grauben

Duroc Cheek w/bone

Seasoned frozen pork

Filleted loin | Grauben

Filleted loin

Chop center | Grauben

Chop center

Ham tacos | Grauben

Ham tacos

Loin head | Grauben

Loin head

Medium loin without cord | Grauben

Medium loin without cord

Sirloin | Grauben


Extra sirloin portion | Grauben

Extra sirloin portion

Filleted bacon | Grauben

Filleted bacon

Filleted loin head | Grauben

Filleted loin head

Marinated rib strip | Grauben

Marinated rib strip

Andalusian marinade rib strip | Grauben

Andalusian marinade rib strip

Marinated sirloin | Grauben

Marinated sirloin

Andalusian marinated sirloin | Grauben

Andalusian marinated sirloin

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